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為提高網上服務的安全性,於非職業訓練局網絡下,需以雙重認證方式登入Moodle AY 2122平台。

  - 學生如欲了解詳細登記程序及詳情,請進入學生雙重認證網址
  - 老師如欲了解詳細登記程序及詳情,請進入老師雙重認證網址︰

Two Factor Authentication(2FA) was enforced in Moodle for AY 2122. 2FA is required when login into this system outside the campus network. 

  - Forstudent 2FA, please click here for the detail:
  - For staff 2FA, please click here for the detail.

Teacher should log in to Moodle with staff CNA instead of "Teaching account{t-CNA}". 
  - For AY2020/21 programme, please click here.
  - For Degree programme, THEi staff and students please visit Moodle THEi site (  https://moodle2122.thei.edu.hk )